I have a Sunday ritual. Pretty much like everybody else, I wake up in the morning (well, not really in the morning) and start thinking about food. Anthony Bourdain, a person who needs no introduction (and is my inspiration for this blog) says “Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go.” Food… is Art. Food… is Culture. Food… is Science. Food…. is just about everything we do in life and yet so many times we don’t tend to give it the importance it deserves. Food should be important and more importantly it should be good. Good food elevates your mind, body and soul. The sensory pleasures and orgasmic satisfaction that can be achieved with just one bite of good food is something that no other drug can provide.

Luckily I live in a city which peddles this drug on every street. I have been living in Melbourne for sometime now and it has become my dealer. Through years of immigration, this city has become a melting pot of many cultures and has gained a serious culinary reputation. This city is a wild gastronomic ride for everyone. Be it a person whose palate can be satisfied by a McDonalds happy meal or someone who cannot have dinner without trufle.

As you can understand then, my biggest dilemma about food in Melbourne is What and Where to eat? There are just too many options. So, in my first year in Melbourne I started by going through all the regular online hotspots like zomato, yelp, foursquare and discovered many places. This wasn’t enough. I started walking around suburbs and started experimenting with whatever I could find open. Over time I have formed a mental image of sorts. I think its time to get this image on paper (well.. online :-D. Go Green!).

In my opinion, websites like zomato and yelp don’t give you a true picture of what to expect. They work on a quantifiable numeric scale (fancy word for ratings :P) given by a multitude of people with different palates. None of this tells me what my body, mind and soul will experience. Good food cannot be measured through numbers. It’s an experience that cannot be quantified.

So here is my attempt at describing this blissful gastronomic experience of Melbourne, a city that I now call home.

To put it simply, this a food blog of Melbourne like countless others where I will write about the experience I undergo during my exploration of Melbourne’s gastronomy.

PS: This page is also an ‘about me’ :P, so here goes, I am a Software Engineer living in Melbourne. I work out at the gym from Monday to Saturday and strictly keep to my weight loss diet (Yes, I am overweight). But Sunday is “my” day and this is the day where I let it go and treat my senses. So being the one day that I indulge, my expectations are pretty high with what I eat and I can be easily disappointed. So I will be reviewing my Sunday “eat out” and giving you an idea about what to expect if you want to eat there. I also promise to keep these reviews absolutely independent of any unwanted influences.

My name is Anish Mohile and thats my photo. Cheers!